Alipay is a very popular payment option in China. It is a wallet based, mobile and online payment platform, established in China by Alibaba Group. It's a payment option that works like many other "eWallet" services, where funds can be stored and then use them for online, Mobile or In-store payments. Being a Chinese citizen is essential to hold an Alipay wallet. Alipay only support CNY (Chinese Yuan) and therefore all transactions are converted when in-and-out China. However, Alipay supports cross-border online payments. Therefore, Alipay wallet holders can do purchases on international merchants’ websites and in merchants’ apps with Alipay. During the purchases, Alipay is able to deduct the amount of payment from the users’ Alipay account in Chinese yuan and send the payment to the merchants in different foreign currencies.


Increasing Sales Volume

More chinese tourists will be attracted and spending will be increased.

Brand Exposure

Brand is exposured in Alipay app.

Secure Payment

It's more secure than paying via cash or cards.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is increased with easy payment method.

Receive Payment In Rupees

Payments done by chinese customers are automatically converted into Sri Lanka rupees(LKR).

No Extra Equipment Needed

Paying with Alipay dose not require any card or pos machines.

Why you should use AliPay ?

Alipay is the No:1 payment method in china.Chinese tourism market is growing constantly in Sri Lanka and offers enormous revenue opportunities for retailers. With the PayBoot solution for Alipay, China’s largest mobile payment network, you can attract wealthy new customers from China by accepting the Alipay app at your point of sale. Allow Chinese tourists to pay via Alipay QR code Payment while on their travels. The app has a market share of 80% in China and enjoys the full confidence of its users. PayBoot offers you various technical solutions to accept Alipay with collaboration of DFCC Bank as the settlement bank in Sri Lanka.


What is Alipay ?

  Alipay is the most widely used third-party online payment service provider in China. With over 100 million daily transactions and over 520 million active users. Its     primary product is a digital wallet, Alipay Wallet, which also includes a mobile app that allows customers to conduct transactions directly from their mobile devices.

Can tourists from countries other than China use Alipay to make payments ?


How does the Alipay enhance my business ?

  When you provide Alipay as a payment method, Chinese tourists tend to spend more, because they can access their whole money in Chinese banks to make your     paymet. Not only the money they have in their hand.

How do I register ?

  You have to register in PayBoot as a Merchant and request Alipay as a Payment Method.

What is Alipay QR Code ?

  There are two types of QR codes; one is Static QR and the other one is Dynamic QR. When you get registered as a Merchant, Alipay Provides you a Static QR code to     do transactions in anytime anywhere. If you want to get unique QR codes for each transaction, you have to create a POS account in PayBoot account. There you      can create dynamic QR codes for each transactions.

Do I get a QR Code ?


How can I use Alipay to receive transactions ?

  You can present your QR Code to the Client. Client will scan it and make the payment.

Is Alipay secure ?

  Yes. Alipay uses industry-leading security technology, conforming to PCI-DSS information security standards, and tailor full-featured security products to protect the     security of every transaction.

How can I know when a transaction is made through Alipay ?

  When a transaction is made, you will receive a real time notification on your mobile phone and on the web site (if you're logged in).

Do I get a report of transactions ?

  Yes. You can generate a daily report or a advance report anytime.

When a transaction is made, where does the money go ?

  You can use any saving bank account as the settlement bank. Money will be depositted to that bank account.

After the transaction, how long do I have to wait to receive payment ?

  T+2; Your money will be depositted after 2 working days from the transaction.

I don't have a registered company in Sri Lanka. Can I use Alipay ?

  Yes, of course.

Do I have pay a setup fee ?

  No. It's free.

Do I have to pay an annual fee ?

  First year is for free. Starting from second year, you have to pay an annual fee depending on your transaction amount.


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