What is PayBoot?

PayBoot is a software that belongs to the Boswin Group which works as a bridge in between Alipay & Merchants. It is a high secured intelligent platform that can control all the major online payment gateway services simultaneously. At the same time, it’s a window to the settlement bank to see the transaction reports of the Alipay transactions which occurs through the day. PayBoot can be connected to any kind of Payment gateway such as Visa, Master, AMEX, Alipay, and UnionPay. Initially it is used to introduce Alipay payment gateway to sri lanka together with Ant Finance. After starting the process of Alipay it will be connected to Alipay payment gateway. PayBoot has all the high tech tools that is necessary for the Alipay payment process. PayBoot creates the necessary conditions required to make the transactions between Alipay, merchant and customer in a clear and secure path. Whenever a transaction happens PayBoot will give a notification to the merchant via PayBoot app and online terminal. This is a solution which facilitate merchants and settlement bank to comfortably see the transactions and reports of past and present. In other words, this is an interface in between merchant and Alipay. Because the merchant does not have direct access to Alipay to see their day to day transactions they need to have a mechanism to see the transactions at any given time. Therefore, PayBoot provide this facility to the merchant. In addition to that merchant registration, merchant request submissions etc. also could be done through the PayBoot app.

PayBoot Functionalites

  •  Registration of a merchant.
  •  Viewing Past transactions.
  •  Receiving notification on immediate transactions.
  •  Viewing the balance of transactions even before remitting the money to the bank.
  •  Receiving confirmation of money remittance from the bank to the merchant account.
  •  Detailed reports of the individual transactions or bulk transactions.

Who We Are

Boswin group (http://www.boswingroup.com/) is one of Sri Lanka’s emerging and fast growing conglomerates, focused on multiple and diverse business sectors locally as well as internationally. Boswin Private Limited is located in Colombo, Sri Lanka and the regional offices in Hong Kong and China handles the International Business with its primary focus being international Trade. At present our expertise spearhead in the fields of Payment solutions, Hotels and tourism, strategic information solutions, online shopping solutions, local and international trade and investments, Ceylon Tea and gem exportation and Logistics. With the collaboration of Lanka China Commercial and Cultural Friendship Association and the four main companies in the Group; Boswin (Pvt) Ltd, Boswin Information Technology (Pvt) Ltd, Boswin Consultancy and Investment (Pvt) Ltd and Lantana Tea (Pvt) Ltd along with the Hangzhou Global Import and Export Trading company we have developed stellar businesses in these areas. Many companies and financial organizations both local and international have joined hands with us over the course of our journey.


PayBoot is a leading provider of enterprise payment processing solutions to banks, corporates and industry specific vertical market. more...